Tribe Partners in Technology

Who we are

With over 50 experts across seven locations, we’re able to use our skills in so many ways. We love being able to offer breadth and depth across a range of disciplines. Learn more about our regional teams below.

Rohan NEW

Rohan Bowyer


Hawke’s Bay

Rohan's been the leader of our team since day one. He's a problem solver who loves being amongst every challenge our industry presents. And having worked his way up from an IT help desk through a broad range of technical, business and leadership roles, the way Rohan values empathy and respect towards customers remains just as strong today as they did when he began career began.

Mike T New

Mike Tarjomi

GM South & Head of Customer Success


Leading our South Island team, Mike isn’t just responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our Christchurch office – he also supports, manages and assists our internal teams across the country, too. His technical understanding of technology systems has created tangible successes for a number of clients. And as a member of our senior leadership team, Mike continues to drive strategy, planning and success for Tribe and our clients.

Marc NEW

Marc Doran

Head of Business Operations

Hawke's Bay

Between New Zealand, London and Zimbabwe, Marc has always taken pride in being the go-to person for anything from finance and asset management to strategic planning and reporting. He has a knack for gathering, interpreting and presenting data in ways that are easy to understand. And having worked with global enterprises and SMBs, he’s able to bring a broad perspective to many successful outcomes.


Ray Barber

Head of Security & TechOps

Hawke's Bay

Ray provides leadership across the business in a number of ways; regularly working closely with teams to bring strategy to life for our clients. With experience in international markets, he’s gained insights that encompass business technology and analytics. Security is also a key interest of Ray’s, but his real passion is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed with the right technology.

Graham NEW

Graham Millar

Technical Delivery Manager


Graham leads our Technical Delivery team across NZ, focused on delivering exceptional IT service and technical project outcomes to Tribe customers. Graham has had a lot of years working delivering really great outcomes directly to businesses & customers, and now translates this experience to his team. When he's not guiding the teams to these smarter business outcomes, he's often found researching the latest gadgets and tech, and building cool things!

Jamie NEW

Jamie Nunan

Head of Technical Service

Hawke's Bay

As someone who loves helping our clients get the most from their technology systems, it only makes sense that Jamie’s in charge of the team that they come in contact with regularly. Starting out on a service desk like Rohan, he hasn’t forgotten the importance of customer service support. And whether he’s working directly with you, or his team are working directly with your staff, he makes an effort to instil enthusiasm and efficiency always.