Tribe Partners in Technology

Making Safer Business Possible

"At Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust, we needed to evaluate our overall security posture, protect our customer and business information, and ensure that our technology environment was protected against online threats. With Tribe's reputation for expertise in cybersecurity, we knew they were the right partners for the job.

Tribe's approach was thorough and practical. They took the time to understand our specific challenges and priorities before conducting the assessment. Their insights were insightful, uncovering vulnerabilities we hadn't considered. They provided actionable recommendations tailored to our needs, which was exactly what we needed.

Since implementing Tribe's recommendations, we've seen a noticeable improvement in our security posture. We feel more confident in our ability to protect both customer and business data, which has helped to build trust among our stakeholders. The collaboration with Tribe has been valuable in strengthening our digital defenses, and we would recommend their services to any organisation looking to enhance their cybersecurity."

Catherine Murch – Programme Manager