Tribe Partners in Technology

Creating a law firm for the 21st century

The client

First Law is a disruptor in what’s traditionally considered an old-fashioned industry. While most law firms continue to rely on the traditional partnership model, founder and managing director John Shingleton wanted to build a firm that works just as well for clients remotely as it does face-to-face.

The challenge

Going against the grain to build a firm that appeals to the increasing demands of clients and the next generation, we had to first understand how a remote law firm could operate. Working with John to gain a deep understanding of what drives his business, we then had to deliver his vision in a way that allows it to grow and remain accessible throughout New Zealand.

The solution

By building First Law as a central cloud business, we provided John a platform that meets the demands of customers throughout the country. Using Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and other clever online tools, First Law has grown into a mobile and scalable workforce that can work anywhere; with fully secure home offices linked to a central operation, set up and supported by our team of skilled technicians.

It means that the firm can trade in a secure and streamlined environment without being bound to one building. They do, of course, continue to serve customers who prefer to meet in person. But the advantage of their systems is that they can offer clients the ability to do law on their terms.

Since launching in 2016, the service has helped people get better solutions faster. It’s also proven to generate better client and business outcomes at a lower cost. By incorporating innovative tools such as AI, clients can even build legal documents on their own devices without setting foot in the First Law office.

“What I particularly love about the Tribe is the genuine desire on their part to see you succeed. This is not just a supplier relationship that you get from some of the other IT companies. These guys really care.”

– John Shingleton, Founder First Law