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Bringing Security to the Forefront

"Working alongside Cameron and the team at EIS, we embarked on an assessment journey based on the Essential 8 methodology. This framework provided us with a solid foundation to evaluate EIS's current security measures and identify areas for improvement.

Through our Cybersecurity Healthcheck, we aimed to guide EIS on a journey towards achieving the Essential 8 benchmarks for cybersecurity resilience. This framework focuses on eight essential strategies recommended by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to mitigate cyber threats and protect against common cybersecurity incidents.

Our collaborative approach ensured that every step of the assessment process was aligned with EIS's goals and industry requirements from a cybersecurity and legislation perspective.

The outcome of our Cybersecurity Healthcheck was a tailored presentation and clear plan designed to help EIS achieve the Essential 8 level 1 benchmarks and enhance their overall security posture. By implementing measures to improve access controls, encryption protocols, and incident response procedures, EIS is now better equipped to protect valuable data and mitigate online threats.

Our partnership with Cameron and EIS exemplifies the effectiveness of combining industry-leading methodologies with tailored guidance to achieve cybersecurity resilience. We are proud to have played a role in EIS's journey towards cybersecurity maturity, and we remain committed to supporting them in safeguarding their digital future."

Mike Tarjomi. Head of Customer Success, Tribe

Mike T